Boys! Get Comfy Casuals At This Store In Indira Nagar

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What Makes It Awesome

Checks and stripes, you can never go out of style with cotton shirts. Buy them at Men's Spot, a clothing store in Indira Nagar. They manufacture denim along with some sizzling macho printed shirts and tees. The colourful range of hung clothes is totally striking when compared to the black walls that surround them.

We went for their tees section first because they boast of some rugged graphics. Neatly stacked on their shelves, we found various coloured tees with crazy typography starting at INR 300. Pair their white graphic tee with a blue denim jacket, and you've got the classic streetwear look. Did we mention that they manufacture denim as well? From skinny jeans to tapered ones, you will find them in a range of colours. They have got denim jackets in blacks and blues as well with enough pockets to store wallets, your girlfriends' wallet and your phones.

Talking about comfort wear, you cannot miss out on their track pants and sweat pants. May it be jogging or lazying around, these can be your go-to always. Men's Spot has got a range of in-house manufactured ones as well as branded ones from Nike and Reebok. Along with that, you can shop for boxers and undergarments too. Choose a plain boxer or add in some beer motif ones to your guilty pleasure collection. They start at INR 150.

While checking out, you can find deodorants in the back counter as well!