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Craving Desserts Late-Night? This List Of Midnight Dessert Places Is All You Need

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If you're reading this, you've craved some old-school chocolate ice cream or sundae in the middle of the night someday (or, every day, let's be real). Bummed out that the city sleeps too soon? Here are some of the best midnight dessert places in Chennai that will turn that frown into a smile. Read on. 

Amadora Gourmet Ice Cream

Of course, this one is first one the list. Open till 1 AM, Amadora's Nungambakkam outlet (the OG one), serves handcrafted ice-creams in flavours like Malted Milk, Five Bean Vanilla, Dark Chocolate Sorbet (perfect for vegans!) and Maami’s Filter Kaapi among others. If you're looking for properly indulging in chocolate, try their Hot Fudge Sundae - it's the bomb! You can also try their underbaked chocolate cake, mud pie, ice cream sandwich and Hail Mary. Get all the deets here.

Häagen Dazs

Open till 12 am,  Häagen Dazs will not only treat you to ice creams but also waffles, crepes, and ice cream platters. Their sundaes are absolutely Insta-worthy and fondue platter - a dessert lover's dream. They have sorbets too and ice cream scoops starting INR 150. 

Kulfi House

Kulfi lover? Welcome to the place where you can get the best flavours of Kulfis starting INR 55. From classic flavours (malai, choco chips, kesar pista) to special ones (roasted almond, crunchy caramel, fig, and more), this place is perfect to get a midnight treat with your fam. They also have sugar-free options, faloodas and family packs starting INR 170, and they are open till 1 am. What’s not to love?


Serving the most decadent fruit creams and faloodas, Bombaysthaan will take you back to Mumbai's dessert stalls. Their dry fruit creams and fruit with ice cream (priced at INR 195) are simply too good and you can binge on them till about 12 pm in the night. Some outlets are even open beyond 12 pm on weekends. 

The Scoop Bar

Cutesy decor and quirky captions on the walls - this place is great for an ice cream date with bae. There’s nut-based and fruit-based ice cream starting INR 175. You can also try their pancakes, crepes, or some creamy milkshakes. They have a special section called the Kid Creations that offers flavours like Cinderella (strawberry icy, strawberry jelly, rainbow sprinkles) and Charming Prince (Vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, Nutella gaze, gems) to whisk you off to another place. 

Cream Stone

Be sure to see people waiting in line to get their ice cream at this parlour that’s open till 1:30 am. Having a rough day? Their Fundaes in flavours like cookies and cream and rose chikki will turn that frown upside down! Try their super filling dessert plates starting INR 150. They also have milkshakes, thick shakes, soda pops, and freaky shakes starting INR 95. And, of course, you can create your own ice cream blends here!

Oh So Stoned!

This dessert parlour has a whopping six-page dessert-only menu offering different combinations of ice-cream infused desserts. Take your pick from fruit and chocolate-based ice cream creations, ice cream fingers, waffles, ice cream cakes and more. Price for a scoop starts from INR 75. Get all the deets here. 

Freeze Zone

If you grew up in Chennai, chances are you went to this iconic ice cream parlour and enjoyed some softy cones! This place is open until 1 am and has comfort ice cream that makes us feel at home. They have classic flavours like banana, chocolate, and pistachio plus fruit rolls starting INR 100. You can get an ice cream combo for just INR 90 too here. 


You can choose your own base -  either dough or fudge at this cute dessert shop on St. Mary’s Road and get it topped with scoops of indulgent ice creams. The flavours are amazing, ranging from Classic Strawberry to Belgian Chocolate. Prices start from INR 200. Read more here. 

Blind Chemistry

A dessert paradise, Blind Chemistry's ambience will make you fall in love with the place.  Filled with hammocks, swings and wooden seats, this small but quirky space offers some killer milkshakes with a twist. They have dessert chaat and coffee shots too. Open till midnight on weekdays and up to 2 am on Fridays, you can head there for a date or quick catch-up with your gang. Click to know more. 


Open till 12 am, this ice cream parlour will treat you to a range of decadent ice cream flavours right from basic vanilla and strawberry to American nuts, Swiss Chocolate, Tender Coconut and more. They've got ice cream cakes, waffle cups and ice cream sticks too that you can customise with your choice of toppings. Their sundaes and shakes are pretty filling too. Prices start from INR 110. 

Cream Affair

Known for creating the dreamiest waffle combinations, this place is actually the first to bring bubble waffles to India and is open till 1 am. Their menu is spread across ice creams and thick shakes, with their fruity flavours being our favourite. You can choose from an array of waffle bases and top them off with fresh fruits, nuts, sauces and ice cream. They have crepes too. Click to know more. Prices start from about INR 150. 


Waffles, churros, mini pancakes, fried Oreos and milkshakes - Gannet in Nungambakkam offers some of the most sugar-loaded desserts (we don't mind), perfect to put your dessert cravings to rest. Open till 2 am, we love their Fried Oreo with ice cream, Nutella churros and Cookie & Cream waffles. Prices start from about INR 150. 

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