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Moru Thatha - Thirumvanmiyur Beach

We Want Mor! This Thatha’s Mobile Cycle Shop Serves Cold Buttermilk Till 3 am!

Gautham posted on 18 June


Ramajayam, or more fondly known as Mor Thatha {Buttermilk Grandfather}, has been selling the tastiest buttermilk on his bicycle daily from 9 pm to midnight at the Thiruvanmiyur Beach after which he serves ECR folks until 3 am.

Beach Tales

If it weren’t for a couple of friends who live in Thiruvanmiyur, I would have never heard about Mor Thatha. I get to the beach around 9 pm, waiting by the police booth. I see no stall or thallu vandi with his name on it.

But a little further down the road by the beach, I see many parked cars and bikes and a gathering of people. I get closer and notice an old man by his bicycle filling out glasses with cold buttermilk!

Ramajayam, 53, has been doing the same for the past 15 years and he tells us that it’s been only during the past 3 years, his business has really picked up. His wife Pramilla helps him at home while his son Karthi is at the beach on the days his father needs a rest.

Late Night Thirst-Quencher

The glass half-full with condiments such as maangai {dry mango} and boondhi, is then filled with cold buttermilk which he makes at home every day. The menu is pretty limited as he only specialises in buttermilk, priced at INR 30; you can’t leave without having two glasses of his tasty mor. On Saturdays, it gets especially busy and hence, make sure to get there by 10 pm. Do note that there’s no seating arrangement and you can stand by his little shop and savour the drink, or you can pack it to go.

Mor Thatha is a well-known person this side of town and has been serving the tastiest buttermilk for over a decade. If you are in Thiruvanmiyur in the evenings, do visit him and try his buttermilk. Can’t find him? Just give him a call!

Contact: +91 9566231674

Where: Thiruvanmiyur Beach, Water Land Drive Road, Lakshmana Perumal Nagar, Valmiki Nagar, Thiruvalluvar Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600041


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Moru Thatha - Thirumvanmiyur Beach

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    Moru Thatha - Thirumvanmiyur Beach