Chennai Peeps, Are You Up For The Mother Trucker Challenge At Sitcom?

Anna posted on 18 October


A 1.5kg burger and a portion of fries, with 12 minutes to finish it all – this is all you have to do to become a Mother Trucker champion. Are you ready?

Challenge Accepted

Sitcom – The Drama Diner in Neelankarai is hosting the most epic of all challenges and all it really takes is for you to inhale the entire portion presented to you within 12 minutes. Sure, it sounds really easy and quite doable, but think of the time frame and take a look at that burger. Holy moley.

The challenge is already on its way, so you need to head over to Sitcom to register at the restaurant on the day you want to participate. For those wondering, they have the Mother Trucker burger in three variations – vegetarian, chicken and beef – so everybody gets to participate. The burger looks the same for everyone, so don’t worry you’re not getting more or less than anyone else. In fact, the combination of the burger and fries weighs a total of 1.5 kg!

Almost Famous

And what do you win if you beat the clock? You get a refund on the burger and fries {think of it as the best free meal ever} and you’ll be featured on the Mother Trucker Wall of Fame! Is that an awesome deal or is that an awesome deal? And you’ll be going up against five other people, so bring your friends {and your appetite} and compete with them, or meet new people to compete with as well!

The burgers are priced accordingly – Vegetarian {INR 500 + taxes}, Chicken {INR 695 + taxes} and Beef {INR 795 + taxes} and the challenge is on till November 30 {starting at 11 am everyday}. Get more information about the challenge on their Facebook event page here.

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145, East Coast Road, Neelankarai, Chennai