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Get Movie Theatre-Style Gourmet Popcorn Right At Your Doorstep!

    Purasawalkam, Chennai

    Time Out Popcorn: Perfect Weekend Post When I tell you, we are a family obsessed with popcorn while watching movies, you would not get it. You have to watch a movie with us to understand the amount of popcorn we gulp, throughout the movie (especially me) and not just during the interval. This worked as long as we were watching movies in the theatre, the moment the COVID situation started we were forced to stick to watching movies in the comfort of our home, where we do have a big screen, recliners, throws, everything except the gourmet popcorn.

    We Off course stuck to ACT II popcorn that we are extremely happy with, but gourmet popcorn is something that was out of reach.

    That’s when two of my favourite Insta influencers posted about two brands of gourmet popcorn and am going to share my views of them, one after the other, today & tomorrow.

    First, the Chennai-based Timeout Popcorn that I tried out first, thanks to the recommendation by a friend. That I got delivered from Chennai to Bangalore, which had its own delivery delays and delivery costs.

    While they have both ready to eat and ready to pop versions, I chose the ready to eat version. The cost of the popcorn as such is very reasonable, INR 55 onwards for 35 gms serving, I sampled 5 different flavours, Cheddar Cheese, Tangy Tomato, Spicy Jalapeno, Chinese, and Sour Cream & Onion.

    I was very happy with the packaging, very neat and vibrant. Coming to taste, I absolutely loved the Sour Cream & Onion flavour which was just perfect, well balanced and tasting exactly like Satyam Cinemas popcorn we used to enjoy. The Tomato flavour was a hit too, nice and tangy, that my daughter enjoyed a lot, that’s highly recommended too. The other three flavours were a little underwhelming, the Jalapeno was good, not great, while the Cheddar Cheese needed a little too stronger seasoning to call it that. I have shared the feedback with the team and am sure they would improve. It’s highly recommended for gourmet popcorn.
      Purasawalkam, Chennai