Nothing Is Lost When You Can Repair It With This Shoe Service in Ampa Skywalk

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What Makes It Awesome

Nobody understands our attachment to shoes. After all, our ages-old shoes have seen us drop to our knees with happiness, climb through tough terrains and even had sneaky rub and clean on your trousers right before a presentation. Parting with these can be an emotional ride. But what happens when they are falling apart? Check out Mr Pronto shoe and bag repairing service on the 2nd floor of Ampa Skywalk mall in Aminjikarai. With a fix like theirs, your footwear will be looking as good as new.

Men or women, you could get a fix for your bellies, sneakers, stilettos, sliders and even your very precious Converse. Mr Pronto has many services to choose from. They have sole and grip pasting if your Fevikwik has given up on you for INR 500. You can even get grip replacement or a sole protector attached to save those feet blisters. Ladies, if you want to increase or decrease the height of your heels, they could do that as well! Your shoe could even get a height increase at just INR 700. Your leather and suede shoes could get a shoe expansion, or even a recolour of black, brown or white.

Mr Pronto excels in waterproofing and deodourising as well. You can say goodbye to that stinky sweat odour that just refuses to go. They specialise in repairing handbags as well. Get your wallet or clutch - whether it's adding a new zip or changing the length of the buckle, they will get it all fixed. They will even clean and polish your fading and crumbling leather bags at INR 400. 

See! You don't even have to part with your old favourites for a new one. You just have to book an appointment or walk-in, and they will deliver your product in a few days. 


They have a special sneaker spa for men's as well as women's shoes which includes sterilisation, cleaning, polishing, deodourising as well as waterproofing.


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