French Vanilla Candles To Sea Salt Dark Chocolate, This Store Specialises In All Things Auroville

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Naturally Auroville is a lifestyle store that stocks the best of Auroville with home décor, cosmetics, scented candles, handicrafts and chocolate at its branches in Nungambakkam and Besant Nagar.

What Makes It Awesome

The Naturally Auroville store is a combination of earthy handmade craft refined to suit modern taste. All their items from papier–mâché mobiles for toddlers to their Maroma (Aurovillian brand of cosmetics and fragrances) Bergamote scented candles are made in Auroville. The variety and creativity on display are truly staggering, with over two dozen varieties and shapes of scented candles alone! Speaking of which their scented candles are what they’re known for. We especially loved the French Vanilla and Cinnamon Orange. Price wise, they’re not easy on the pocket (most are above INR 1,000) but make for excellent gifts as they are truly exquisite.

Candles apart they’ve got so much more, starting from ceramic cups and centrepieces to handmade paper and notebooks made out of cotton and biodegradable material to charcoal body scrubs, to organic coconut oil, kokum butter soap bars, perfumes, a tiny food section with gluten-free vegan cookies, crunchy spirulina, Mason and Co cacao nibs and sea salt dark chocolate, and even home décor products like brassware handicrafts, teak wooden showcases, religious figurines and wind chimes made out of paper.

All of that variety does come at a slightly above average price point. A small tub of peppermint flavoured aloe vera gel will set you back more than INR 500. We recommend shopping at Naturally Auroville when you’re hunting for presents, thanks to the staggering number of gift-worthy products they have. Oh, and they’ve got in-house designers who you can employ to furnish your office/home.