Shop For Chic, Breezy Clothing & Cheery Crockery Sets At Nicobar Design Studio

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Fashion & Lifestyle store Nicobar, Chennai transports you to a paradise teeming with products perfect for the urban client, right in the heart of the city. We visited them to check out their home, fashion and lifestyle collection and here’s the low down for you!

What's In Store?

A haveli at Rutland Gate that’s been restored by the team is home to their sister brand Good Earth on the ground floor and Nicobar is perched on the first floor. The store has various sections — clothing, travel accessories, home furnishings, home decor to name a few. Visually the atmosphere at the store is a stunner with its colonial-inspired furniture, classy decor with pops of navy and yellow. They even have a little community table with seating, which initially was confusing, because a store actually wants us to sit and chill? But it turns out they even have a hotspot connection if you want to meet up for events or hang with your friends. How cool is that?

Fashion Forward

If you’re looking to find an outfit for a fancy party, this is not the right place for you. Nicobar’s line of clothing is made for the everyday fashionista. Their simple, timeless cuts and tropical fabrics have very elegant silhouettes and feel super comfortable when you wear them. Their signature Weekender Pants that look like a cross between {the kurta} pyjama and palazzo make you feel like you’re walking among the clouds. The Nico Dress, a long pleated wrap dress, is another crowd favourite because of its versatility; it swings between Indian and western. They also have menswear, mostly populated with smart Nehru jackets and linen shirts in a range of pastel shades. They have a strong Indian undercurrent to most of their designs, given that they use a lot of traditional motifs like elephants, palms, lotus and even chai! They update their collection every month with new pieces, but their classic contemporary aesthetic continues to bring in designs that have no risk of ever being out of vogue, I can see these being worn now and three years from now too.

Heartistic Living

Their home decor, furnishings and accessories all echo the modern Indian voice. You can find graceful collections of beautiful glassware, stoneware, slate and marble accessories for your home along with crisp organic cotton and jute furnishings. The patterns on their table wear really stand out as unique. Some of them leave you mesmerised like the Luna set that includes blue-toned cutlery reminiscent of the midnight sky. The travel range includes bags, comfort wear and organised travel accessories designed keeping in mind utility that would resonate with any frequent traveller. But the utility aspect still doesn’t alter the chic design.

So, We're Thinking...

Visit the store for a refresher from the usual home decor and fashion ranges you see at the mall. They’re a design driven brand so their visuals never disappoint. Price: Clothing collection range between INR 1,350 and INR 11,500, home collections range between INR 450 to INR 10,500, travel collection range ends at INR 7,500.