Experience The Chennai Life Like A Local With This Half-Century Old Heritage Hotel

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What Makes It Awesome

If you want to experience Chennai in its entirety, this heritage hotel in Boats Club, R.A Puram, may be exactly what you are looking for. Located in what is considered to be one of the most exclusive and serene neighbourhoods in the city, Niketana is actually an eighteen-room bungalow which is over half a century old. The architecture and design of the house reflect the open and airy style of most South Indian homes. Prepare yourself to take a walk down halls adorned with elements you’ll find at most traditional households.

At its entrance, Niketana greets you with a pathway, decked with sweet-smelling mogra plants, which leads to the lobby. A shallow reflective pool decorated with flower petals and a tiny water fountain instils peace into this serene setup. As we walked into the rooms, we found traditional decor like brass peacock diya stands, antique teakwood lounge chairs with cane woven backrests, which took us back in time. We even found mosaic tiles in their common room along with a hand-carved teak wood partition. Our favourite was their wooden rocking chair that we could just go to sleep on!

A mix of old Madras charm with modern facilities, the hotel is fully equipped with Wifi and A/C and has ample number of charging points for all you tech hoarders. Niketana is just about a ten-minute drive from the beach. If you are the kind to enjoy long walks, there is a serene path that leads straight to the beach and will take you about twenty-five minutes for you to walk it. Nestled in between Mylapore and Adyar, the area is close to most prime spots and markets in the city. Far enough from the noise and bustle, but close enough to travel to central Chennai, this property is perfectly placed.