Give Your Kitchen The Cutest Makeover With Glassware From This Store In Keelkattalai

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Decorate your home like the little heaven it is with cute glass home decor and kitchen supplies from this wholesale store.

What Makes It Awesome

Glass is fragile yet brings the cool aesthetic like no other to your home just like how your house is fragile yet is the warmest of all. Omega Glassware store in Keelkattalai brings to you some adorably handcrafted home decor items and kitchen supplies! While the maximum of their products is made out of glass, they also have items made out of porcelain, metal and melamine that are not only aesthetic but functional as well. They have mason jars, teacup sets with kettle, trays, plates and bowl sets, cookie jars along with table decors, lamps and frames. 

At Omega Glassware, you can choose a British colonial patterned teacup set to match with your sophisticated interiors or polka-dotted serving plates for a colourfully warm welcome. If you are a lover of solid colours, then they have that as an option as well starting at INR 200. Their cookie jars are spacious enough to get your wrist inside and pick up your cookies at INR 500. They have some handpainted jars and handis as well which won't lose colour upon washing! You can buy them at INR 700.

You can gift someone glass made gnomes or a miniature of that to keep as a home accessory. Omega Glassware has specific kids collection as well! Lunch boxes, water bottles, even minion caricatures plates and mugs. Your kid will be eating all of that food up at lunch with a minion urging him to do so.