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Chennai's First Dedicated Parkour Gym Is Here And We Have All The Deets

    Ekkattuthangal, Chennai

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    Chennai’s first parkour gym has just opened and it’s taking clients already. This jungle gym for kids and adults will blow your mind. The good folks at Tamil Nadu Parkour that we featured recently here, have been searching for a place of their own to train and practice, born out of that need they created Parkour Pod; a space to practice parkour that is safe and fun. The gym has bars and scaffolding from wall to wall and all the safety padding to go with it. There’s also an indoor space specifically for weight training and calisthenics. The team at Parkour Pod have classes on offer that cater to clients looking for general fitness, parkour training and even athletic training. Most importantly, they’re open to all age groups, provided you don’t have any pre-existing injuries. They have kids as young as eight and trainees over 50 working with them!

    We are checking out this gym soon so watch this space for more!

    Classes are available through the week in the mornings and evenings and for a few extra hours on the weekend.

    Contact: +91 9662696859

    For more info on Parkour Pod and their classes, check out their awesome website here.

      Ekkattuthangal, Chennai