15 Layer Cakes To Tartscapade, Desserts By This Pastry Chef Could Make You Weak in Your Knees!

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Her cakes scream unconventional and exotic, thanks to her flavour mixes. From brownies and tarts to cakes and pastries Mariam Zulfa Hameed Musthafa aka The Baking Gypsy bake magical sweet little things!  

What Makes It Awesome

Mariam Zulfa Hameed Musthafa is not your typical home baker. She prefers being called a pastry chef without a studio. Wedding cakes, pastries, tarts, brownies, pies, and other desserts, she makes them all and with much elan. After graduating from At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy, she worked at the pastry kitchen in Westin, Singapore and in several other restaurants. 

But that's not what sets her cakes apart. Her flavour profiles are intriguing and will make you want to taste all the quirky combinations she comes up with. Think Alessandro (a tart made from pistachio white chocolate ganache, raspberry, white chocolate and eggless sable), a huge Neapolitan cake (made from dark chocolate, vanilla bean, strawberry sponge, chocolate pudding, strawberry pie filling and vanilla mascarpone frosting), and cakes made from rose lychee raspberry, tropical carrot cake, pistachio white chocolate raspberry, to name a few. 

She also bakes cupcakes which are priced from INR 100 and her wedding cakes which come in different flavours can go up to INR 50,000 depending on how ornate and detailed the cakes are. If you are looking for gifting options, she makes packaged brownies and cookies which are priced from INR 70 onwards. 


She's constantly travelling and that's why calls herself The Baking Gypsy, so contact her way in advance if you want a cake for any specific occasion.