Check Into These Lovely Airbnb Getaways In Pondy

Chennai’s favourite weekend getaway Pondicherry has a ton of Airbnbs and we have the best of them for you to choose this summer. With rooms surrounded by lush greenery to breathtaking views, these Airbnbs across the French settlement are everything you need to rejuvenate. Best part? Most of them are just few meters away from the coast and are pretty affordable so yay!


Voguenvilla has to be the prettiest of them all. This villa houses lovely antique furniture but if you want to sit out they have beautiful, earthy garden too. The Airbnb, located right near the Auroville bakery and the beach, sets the perfect atmosphere to disconnect from mundane city life. Apart from basic amenities, the Airbnb also has a kitchen space if you’re interested in some cooking and offers a pleasant work space too. And not to forget, Puneet is a super warm host!

Price: INR 1,493 per night {at the time of this publication}

Serenity Beach Airbnb

If you’re looking for a place right next to the beach, then this is it. Alex’s house is just a minute away from the Serenity beach and is oh-so cosy. The private room dominated by wooden furniture is located on the first floor, where you would easily fall asleep to the sound of the waves crashing so nearby.

Their mini sit-out right next to the garden gives us Greece vibes with a Santorini-style space and is such a peaceful place to lounge around. Also, the Airbnb is pet-friendly with cats and two adorable doggos loitering around the place. Easily comfortable for two people to crash, Alex’s room is equipped with Wi-Fi and other basic amenities.

Price: INR 909 per night {at the time of this publication}

Sharanya Villa

If you’re looking to get away with your gang and get pampered in Pondicherry, then this huge Chettinad-style villa is ideal. The bright yellow Airbnb space can accommodate up to 16 guests and is a traditional bungalow with plenty of antique interiors and tall pillars. The rooms are spacious and the place even has a small library for all you book worms. And that’s not all. What is a traditional house with an open courtyard? Sharanya Villa has exactly that with a beautiful fish pond too. How lovely! Do note, the Airbnb is half an hour from the main part of town but close enough to Auroville’s cafes.

Price: INR 1,493 per night {at the time of this publication}

Wunderhaus Budget Backpacker

Another Chettinad-style house. the Wunderhaus gives you a traditional welcome and yet fills the air with hostel vibes thanks to its quirky wall art on the sidewalks. With Tibetan flags, sewing machines, a huge collection of brass objects and plenty of plants, the Airbnb is an artistic visual treat for travelers. It is known to be most suitable for solo travelers and writers too, if they’re looking for some inspiration. Small and colourful rooms, hammocks, organic breakfasts – if all this sounds exciting to you, then get here quick! And yes, it is pet friendly too!

Price: INR 1,500 per night {at the time of this publication}

Isai Amblam Guest House

Away from all the hustle and bustle of city life, the Isai Amblam Guest House hides behind towering plants and is a cosy space for two guests. They have a huge book shelf for you bibliophiles and a single room overlooking the vast backyard. With plenty of big windows and enough sunlight shining through, Isai Amblam hosted by Stefan is just few minutes away from Auroville town and is the perfect place if you’re looking for quietude with your bae or bestie.

Price: INR 1,234 per night {at the time of this publication}

Auroville Forest Hut

How about ditching sophisticated rooms and crashing at a hut instead? This Airbnb is all about the basics. The breezy property located right beside the Auroville forest, offers bamboo huts equipped with just a fan and a cosy bed on the top floor. They have a basic kitchen and a very simple sit out. It is known to for the budget friendly travelers and is surrounded by plenty of international communities. You could even request the host for a two wheeler or also opt to cycle your way to the city.

Price: INR 714 per night {at the time of this publication}