Pouches For Your Earplugs, Bags & A Doll Character, We’re In Love With This Artist’s Merch

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What Makes It Awesome

Heard of cord wraps? It’s a tiny pouch to wrap your cables, ear plus, and chargers. Deepa Jadhav’s adorable cord wrap/pouches are super cute! We love the owl-themed and flamingo pouch. 

Deepa also stitches bags and pouches. There are colourful and quirky ones as well as some just for children. We love her Alice In Wonderland themed pouch with hand-painted characters in the story - Alice, the queen, and rabbit amidst chaotic colours. Another tote with the logos of various social media websites on it is winning for its cool vibes. The clutches with Madras Checks and ikkat fabric are elegant and eco-friendly. 

Deepa has created her own doll, too. Geetu is a female doll with brown, curly hair and a body made from khadi fabric. Deep releases different editions of Geethu, for instance, there’s a party version. Another doll she created, is Sitara, a unicorn with long, pink hair. These dolls are priced from INR 1,700. Whether you’re shopping for bags, accessories, or cute dolls, Deepa’s extensive merch has got you covered. 

How Much Did It Cost

₹500 - ₹1000