Find Broken Clocks, Stenciled Quotes And Yummy Food At This Cafe In Pondicherry!


    Mirrors on the wall, broken clocks, stenciled quotes, Pondicherry nameplates, and amazing food, you have to head to French Town to visit PY Cafe. 

    What Makes It Awesome

    Tired of the same old cafes in Pondicherry? We will give you a good reason why you should plan a trip to this French town - the newly opened PY Cafe located at MG Road. But what is so great about this cafe while there are several other cute and Pinteresty cafes in the town? Hold on, we will give you all the deets.

    Starting with the concept of the cafe, there is no concept and that's their concept. The idea is to come here, engage in great conversation, binge on yummy food, make memories and have a good time. Every piece of furniture here is different here and come in different colours. There's graffiti on the walls, metal sculptors, quirky lightings and more. Don't miss the 'mirror mirror on the wall' painted opposite the actual bathroom mirror in a reversed script. So, take pictures there instead of taking them bathroom selfies. Climb up to the first floor and you will find one wall filled with mirrors and the other with stenciled quotes in colourful frames. Each third step has a PY number plate like PY-HI-5. We particularly liked the wall that is filled with old broken clocks. The idea behind this was to give time a break.

    Talking about the food, they have tried a similar mumble jumble of cuisines that matches with the concept of the cafe. They have everything from sandwiches, pasta, rice noodles, and Thai curry, to all day breakfast options, quirky starters, etc. People with a sweet tooth can check out their ragi whole wheat waffle, chocolate mousse, mango pannacotta, and artisanal Italian ice cream.


    The table mats are made as colouring papers and have quotes like “One day …I will make the onions cry”. They provide the customers with colouring pencils so draw what you want and create some amazing piece of art. As part of their ongoing campaign, #spreadlove, you will be given an envelope. So write a letter to anyone and it will be posted by a real postman! Say goodbye to social media, guys!