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Remember Every Day Of 2019 With These Adorable & Quirky Hand-Drawn Calendars

    What Makes It Awesome

    Remember how during the end of the year you go like “Wow, time flew fast, what even happened this year?” With these gorgeous handmade calendars, you’ll remember the best things that will happen in 2019.  Ishaana (her brand is The Doodler Scribbler) makes calendars - and these aren’t the regular ones you’ll see at a store. She draws and colours each date and uses different fonts, styles, and designs for each month. Every page comes with a quote and a space for you to jot down your to-do list and make tiny notes. Some months have bookmarks, washi tapes, and post-its. There’s a special crafter’s edition for artists and art lovers! They are priced from INR 400.  Ishaana started making these as gifts for friends, but now it’s become a career. Customised gifts are everything nowadays, and Ishaana can make them based on any theme. She makes birthday gifts, postcards, posters, illustrations, etc. Big, curvy, bouncy, her lettering comes in various styles and she makes water colour posters in A4 and A3. Whether it’s your fave quote or memory, anything that has words can be lettered by her. So check out the calendars and we bet you will be spoilt for choice! Her merch also includes luggage tags, badges, and magnets. Call her to place orders and remember, it can take up to a couple weeks for the merch to reach you.

    How Much Did It Cost

    Under ₹500