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Have You Been To Chennai's Furniture Street Yet?

    Royapettah, Chennai

    What Makes It Awesome

    Known as Chennai’s furniture hub, Royapettah High Road offers a furniture shop for every budget. Folks looking for affordable furniture need to take just one quick walk down the street and we bet you will end up feeling spoilt choice. From home delivery to options across all kinds of furniture, there’s a perfect furniture shop for everyone here. 

    In particular, we recommend Sri Sakthi Furniture in Royapettah High Road for its very affordable prices and an impressive selection of furniture. They’ve got cots, tables, chairs, mattresses, pillows and desks, all made out of separate materials like glass, plastic, and wood. Single beds start at about INR 7,500, with additional add-ons like mattresses for INR 3,000 and storage space for extra INR 4,000. Though we’d recommend purchasing a double bed as it’s just INR 2,000 more. Dining table sets start at about INR 2000 (plastic) and can go up to INR 20,000 for their teak counterparts, which is honestly quite moderately priced. Chairs, too follow suit, with offers starting from INR 1,800. The best part about small stores like Sri Sakthi is that they’re all open to haggling, so you could walk out of their store with a steal of a deal if you’re clever enough.

    If budget furniture is too plebian for you, there are slightly better to do stores in Royapettah High Road like Galaxy Furniture that caters to more refined tastes. Cots at Galaxy furniture start at INR 18,000 and can go up to a lakh. Sofas too can be purchased for a starting price of INR 14,000. While prices can vary greatly, all the stores provide home delivery, a warranty period and paid service for any servicing needs that don’t get fixed by the warranty. Rest assured, you’re not going to buy a chair that falls apart the minute you sit on it at home.

    A word for the wise - be sure to explore all the budget furniture shops along Royapettah High Road before you make your purchase as you will be surprised at how low some of the prices can go. For a complete list of the best furniture stores in Chennai, click here.

      Royapettah, Chennai