Adventure Geeks, Did You Know You Can Scuba Dive In Pondicherry?

Temple Adventures

What Makes It Awesome

Pondicherry will always be bae. But we found one more reason to love it even more. Scuba diving! Yes, you can now explore the depth of the Bay of Bengal at The Temple Adventures in Pondicherry. A scuba diving centre, these guys will let you witness the marine life up close with their awesome diving packages. If you're out for a quick getaway and are seeking some underwater adventure, you can go for The Temple Adventures' Discover Scuba Diving course. A two-day package, you get to learn about the basics of scuba diving and hand signs in a practice pool first, post which you are taken for an actual dive. You can also learn this in a single day. The best part - you don't have to know swimming. Price for this is INR 7900 (excluding GST), but you can get discounts if you're heading there as a group of three or more. The diving takes place at the Temple Reef that is located about 6 km from the shore. A sand-bottom reef, this place is known to be home to spectacular fish species like bannerfish, snappers, catfish, lionfish, starfish, jellyfish and even some human-size fishes. There are also plenty of swaying plants and an artificial reef they've constructed underwater. You're expected to reach The Temple Adventures centre between 6 am to 7:30 am, from where you go to the harbour and take a boat to get to the reef. Depending on your breathing skills, you can spend about 30-45 minutes underwater, and load up on all that vitamin sea for real! You can also take-up a 4-day course at The Temple Adventures, post which you get access to enjoying fun dives across the world. Price for this is about INR 26500 (excluding GST). You need to know swimming for this course, however. If you're really keen on going, make sure you book beforehand. November to January is the best period to visit this spot. But whatever you do, don't forget to carry enough sunscreen with you!


There will always be one instructor assisting a diver, so fret not!

Temple Adventures