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Make Those Heads Turn With Flavoursome Fragrances From This Store In Triplicane

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    This store has a huge range of Arabic perfumes made out of essential oils and it is totally confusing to pick a favourite!

    What Makes It Awesome

    Looking for an aroma that makes you feel all the more regal? Sha's Attar in Triplicane is your place to be. As the name suggests they specialise in making attar which are Arabian perfumes made out of essential oils and other herbs. They are completely natural and don't even burn your skin. They have placed all of them on their shelves and once you have picked your favourite, they will fill it up in a bottle according to your purchase requirement.

    However, which one should you go for? They have such a vast range with a delicious smell, we wanted to try out each and every one of them! From known flavours of jasmine, rose and sandalwood to different types of musks, Sha's Attar has all of kinds of flavours. They even have seasonal fragrances such as Hina for a warmer smell for those colder days. 

    Sha's Attar also comes with reasonable pricing! You can buy 500 ml of attar for just INR 250. Depending on the aroma you go for, the prices change. They even make their own attars from brands like Jaguar and Gucci and let you customize them to your liking. 


    You should give a try to their Arabian Oud which is regarded as the liquid gold of perfumes. It is made using agarwood and smells ecstatic!

      Available Online