Coffee, Orange Cinnamon & Avocado: Find Yummy-Sounding, Vegan-Friendly Soaps Here

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What Makes It Awesome

Started in 2001 by Najeeba Zabeer as a hobby, The Soap Factory has evolved into a much larger business. A long series of trials and errors produced a brand new range of soaps, lip balms and moisturisers that follow a unique and special recipe. These soaps also look absolutely beautiful – much like a piece of dessert that you can’t wait to dig into – and are perfect for skin of all types.

With ingredients that are natural and good for the skin, The Soap Factory makes vegan-friendly and cruelty-free handmade products that are also free of all chemicals and anything else that can irritate and dry out your skin. These beautifully crafted soaps come in a wide range of flavours and scents, everything matching up with the other to provide the best care for your skin. Including the Coffee Bar (made with organic coffee, pepper essential oil and a hint of vanilla), Orange Cinnamon Bar (orange, cinnamon and papaya puree), Coconut Cream Bar (coconut cream, extra virgin oil, cocoa and vanilla) and Nalangu Maavu (powdered green gram, cassava, sandalwood, vetiver, rose and turmeric) to name a few. They have also introduced a soap bar that is exclusively for the face and has ingredients like liquorice root powder, neem powder, sandalwood, kaolin clay and turmeric.

Price: INR 250 – 280 (per bar)