Have You Tried Coco Jelly At This Farm On ECR?


    Head to Sorrel Gardens to try their cocojelly. Also, spend time at the farm and check out the different kinds of cacti. 

    What Makes It Awesome

    Gohulabalan is a magicIan. No, seriously. He is a gardener by day and a physician by night. Don't believe us? Head to Sorrel Gardens, on East Coast Road and you'll probably catch him planting a sapling. 

    Walk into the farm and get transported to Kerala, what with all the greenery at this one spot. Miniature gardens, bonsais, garden accessories, pots, handicrafts for the balcony, etc. He has around 25 different varieties of cacti, succulents, and dwarfs. They also have an interesting variety of lead forms and plant shapes like paddle leaves, tight rosettes and bushy or trailing columns of teardrop leaves. They also have a cacti farm that has 100 different varieties of cacti from around India. They can import cacti varieties on request, too! 

    You can also go to their farm and spend time in the wilderness. Explore the various varieties of plants and shrubs and engage in a chat with the doctor. 


    When at the farm, try their coco jelly, a refreshing and healthy dessert. The outer part of the coconut is shaved, the coconuts are then pre-opened and along with whole extracted coconut flesh, fresh coconut water is made into a jelly and then pre-chilled in the coconut itself. The jelly consistency is similar to tasting a tender palmyra fruit.