A Little Bit Of Fabric, A Little Bit Of Colour: This Designer Aces The Mix And Match Game!

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How good are you with your mix and match game? Not too much, then head to Sri Palasa lead by celebrity stylist, Shobana Babushankar. She'll pull in the right fabric and colours to make you stand out in the crowd. 

What Makes It Awesome

In this day and age, mix and match is the first rule to be a good designer. And Chennai-based Shobana Babushankar has mastered this art. The motto of her brand, Sri Palasa is very simple - your saree - our blouse. And we bet if we ask VJ Ramya, she will agree. Glam up a simple soft silk saree with a Kanchipuram blouse with antique border. If that doesn't gel with your ideas, try an alternate look with a katan woven white silk cotton blouse with kutch patch at the back. Off-beat right? 

Shobana gave us the right tip - when in doubt, wear red. Be it Kanchipuram, pochampally, patola, kutch, or Benarasi - she has a red blouse that will fit every occasion. 

Have you ever thought how a Kanchipuram silk saree will look with an authentic peacock paithani blouse? Ask the peeps behind Sri Palasa and they'll tell you how well they go together. With a styling background in Kollywood, we are not surprised by the design choices made by Shobana. As they say, the perfect match is made in heaven and you'll start believing it when you go to Sri Palasa.