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Starmark: A Twinkling Abode Of Books Galore!

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Starmark: A concluded 9 to 6 office hours and a small walk into the massive Phoenix Mall, Chennai can lead you into this well-lit wonder. First things first, Yes! sanitizing your hands is mandatory as soon as you enter the establishment. So, it kind of feels safe. But wear your masks without fail. The store greets you with bookracks on all sides. A sharp left near the entrance leads you to the bestsellers of the time.

In a swanky white bookrack, this portion feels like the uplifted part of the society. On the contrary, the real fun lies in the other racks; the pure wooden colour. Love lies there. Indian, International, fiction, non-fiction and even graphics are just some genres that meet your eye, once you enter the store. Dig more, and you can end up finding gems. The store feels like an international terminal in an airport; neat, clean and spacious. No one will bug you with taking photos or even for scrolling more than necessary. Merged with the store is a big treasure of office supplies. Now, we have always dug stationery items and the place has all that you need. You will go in and come satisfied.