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Chennai Makkal! Find Street Food Under INR 50 Here

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Chennai is very famous for its street food, but what’s also special is that you can get your hands on most of these by spending less than INR 50. Don’t believe us? Check out this list of street food places in Chennai and find out for yourself. 

Bolis At Venkatramana Boli Stall

Boli is a popular Indian sweet flatbread and you might recognise it from its other names like pooran poli, holige or obbatu. If you’re craving this traditional snack, head to Venkatramana Boli Stall in West Mambalam that makes fresh bolis every day for just INR 5! There’s no seating available and it can get crowded in the evenings, so you've got to prep yourself to get a plate of 'boli-cious' snacks nice and hot!

Sandwiches At Royal Sandwich

Sandwiches will always remain everybody’s comfort food. Check out Royal Sandwich at Alwarpet that also has outlets all over the city for some yummy masala and green chutney between two layers of soft bread! Prices start from INR 50 and they serve over 50 kinds of sandwiches that you’re probably going to get dizzy from choosing.

Spring Potato & More At Bessy

No matter which beach you visit in the city, you are most likely to find almost the same kind of grub. But not Bessy. Here, you can get your hands on interesting eats like Spring Potato or Twistatoes (spring-like deep-fried potato garnished with mayo and masala of your choice). The basic version of this costs about INR 50 but if you want more toppings, it’ll cost more. There’s also boiled sweet corn or roasted corn, sundal and ice gola. Click here to get a guide to Besant Nagar's street food and here for a complete guide to chilling in Besant Nagar. 

Jigarthanda At T-Nagar

Here’s something that’s healthy and will also quench your thirst in a jiffy. And the best part? It even has ice cream in it! Jigarthanda is a cold beverage that originated in the city of Madurai and literally translates to 'cool heart' in English. You can find this in almost all the Murugan Idli Shop outlets across the city or you can also head to Madurai Famous Jigarthanda in T-Nagar where a glass costs INR 50.

Samosas At T-Nagar

If you thought that T-Nagar is only a shopping hub, then you’re wrong. It is also a haven for yummy street food. So the next time you’re here, don’t forget to try the crunchy, tiny, onion samosas outside Kumaran Silks. It’s a steal at about INR 20 given that you get six samosas! Along with it, you could head to Anna Nagar where Murugesan Anna will serve you with his over a decade old samosa-making skills.

Chaat At Nungambakkam Chaat Corner

Head over to Nungambakkam Chaat Corner for bomb pani puris in the city. We bet you can’t stop at just a plate or two! You can also try samosas and bread pakoras while there. Don't forget to cool down with some kulfi for a proper street food eating experience. 

Beef Biryani At Bai Biryani

Here’s something that’ll fill your stomach to its fullest - beef biryani in Bai Biryani. A small restaurant in Triplicane, this place is extremely famous for its aromatic and yummy beef biryani that costs only about INR 60. If you’re ever around, don’t forget to visit. For more top biryani places in Chennai, click here and here. 

Atho At Burma Bazaar

Bored of the same old evening snacks? Head over to Burma Bazaar and taste some of the Tamil-Burmese dishes it has to offer like Atho, Khowsuey and more. Boiled just like noodles and then fried with a mix of sauteed veggies, we especially love the spice trail their Atho leaves behind. Read more here. 

Bajjis At Jannal Kadai

Bajjis or fritters are an all-time favourite snack in the city and Jannal Kadai in Mylapore is one of the best places for you to get some hot and crunchy ones. Their vazhakkai bhajjis  (three pieces) are priced at just INR 30 and are simply too good. 

For more street food places in Mylapore, click here. For a complete guide to Mylapore, click here. 

Rose Milk At Kalathi Newsmart

Well, you definitely need something to wash down all that food right? Head over to Kalathi Newsmart in Mylapore and try their iconic rose milk which is the perfect blend of sweet rose syrup and creamy fresh milk! And it’s just INR 15 for a refreshing glass! Perfect to beat Chennai heat.

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