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    Murukku Sandwiches To Cheese Vada Pav: Head To This Lane For Authentic Street Food

    Anirudh posted on 18 January

    If you think Chennai is only about dosas and idlis, then you have probably not visited Mint Street in Sowcarpet yet. From street food like pav bhaaji to pani puri and the real deal, mind you can be found on Mint Street. We recently went for a food walk and found a little bit of Bombay, a little bit of Delhi, and lots of Rajasthan in this not-so-tiny street in Sowcarpet. Mint Street, a prime street in the busy locality of Georgetown and has evolved to become a street food hub with cuisines from all over India being present there. You could find the best lassis, vada pavs and murukku sandwiches here, which fit perfectly into your food budget. This street is quite narrow, and quite crowded. It is a locality mostly inhabited by the Marwari community of Rajasthan. The street got its name from the establishment of the coin-making facility by the East India Company here in the 1800s. Apart from the great historical establishments in the street, the street food scene attracts people from all over the city to Mint Street. We parked our vehicle in the Evening Bazaar Street and walked right into the Mint Street. There were Jain options in almost all the food outlets that we went to, because of the large Jain population in the locality. Most of these outlets charge a very nominal price for their delicious food.

    Mehta Brothers

    You need to start with the cheese-mayo vada pav at Mehta Brothers, a tiny stall on Mint Street. These delicious vada pavs taste like its straight out of Mumbai, and costs a mere INR 40. The Mehta Brothers aren’t stingy about the cheese —they load it up in the vada pav along with mayonnaise. If you want to spice it up a bit {we suggest you do}, then go ahead and ask for the green chillies to compliment your vada inside the fluffy pavs! They also have different kinds of vada pavs, kachoris and sweets. Price: INR 40

    Novelty Tea House

    Established as a tea cart in 1958, Novelty Tea house is now a chain operating from different parts of Chennai. We tried their famous pav bhaaji, and it was absolutely delicious! This is one of the best dishes to try on the street. Although they have an extensive menu, we suggest you to just try the pav bhaji to keep some space for other items in the food walk. However, it is a bit on the expensive side at INR 130, but hey, you get to sit inside a half-a-century-year-old air-conditioned shop with great service! Price: INR 130  

    Kakada Ramprasad

    This place is definitely the star attraction of the entire street! Kakada Ramprasad is a spacious, well-lit outlet which is quite famous among Chennaiites. They have an extensive menu with amazing chaat, but we had the best aloo tikki experience ever, and were awestruck with their special badam milk. The aloo tikki was perfectly fried and had the right amount of chutney and toppings, and the badam milk was loaded with chunks of almonds. The badam milk is quite filling, so save it for the end of your food walk. We have had really good aloo tikki across the country, and this aloo tikki trumps all our tikki experiences. Price: INR 100 for aloo tikki and badam milk each

    Anmol Lassi

    No Mint Street jaunt is complete without Anmol Lassi. The owner, Dinesh Soni, a wrestler-turned-lassiwalla, is quite popular in the area. His kesar lassi and butter milk are one of the best we have had, and is just the drink you need for the crazy heat of the city! Priced at INR 70, the kesar lassi is refreshing and perfect for hot days. The generous quantity of the lassis get a thumbs up from us too. Price: INR 70

    Maya Chaat

    This small outlet, which lies 200 metres off Mint Street, is a little bit of Jodhpur in Chennai. Jodhpur is quite famous for its onion kachoris and mirchi vada, and we found just that at Maya Chaat! Finding good onion kachoris anywhere in India expect Jodhpur in Rajasthan is quite rare, but this outlet which sells other savouries and namkeen too, does full justice. Nominally priced at INR 15, the onion kachoris are as authentic as they come by. Price: INR 15 each

    Golden Shop

    This quaint old stall, the smallest of the ones we have visited so far, is difficult to spot. But try not to miss them, and do try their cheese murukku sandwich. A very popular dish in Sowcarpet, the murukku sandwich is a fusion dish — veggies and cheese stuffed in between two small murukkus. The golden shop, also sells multiple dishes ranging from pani puri to kachoris, and you can even parcel some these to take back home . Price: INR 50

    What Else?

    Apart from these places, we had the sweetest sugarcane juice for INR 10, and it was absolutely delicious. Most of the places we visited on Mint Street were hygienic, and the food was served with utmost love. Unfortunately, we were not able to try Seena Bhai’s Tiffin Centre, a South Indian joint famous for its ghee podi dosas. So do comment below if you have been there, and we shall take it up next time we do visit!

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