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This Studio Puts A Modish Spin To Traditional Handcrafts And We Love It!

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Studio Takshak is an online store based in Chennai that sells classy looking furniture and home decor. Started by Vanditha Chakarvarthy, a design graduate who wanted to fuse the contemporary design needs with traditional methods, this brand likes to explore transitional designs. 

    Their products range from items like incense stick holders, brass platters, copper platter, coasters, brass clocks along with artistically designed dining tables, children’s kitchenettes and step stools! Lakhana Vedi is one of their pen stands whose design is inspired by an elephant’s ear. It looks really cool and they have more of such unique creations. If you are planning to add a dash of sophistication to your home or workspace, you must definitely check out Studio Takshak! 

    All their products are handcrafted by traditional craftsmen based in Thanjavur and are made with masterly finesse and exclusivity. Their products are priced from 350 INR for pen stands and go up to around 13,000 INR for high-end furniture. Studio Takshak also offers customisation services for gifting, decorative pieces and designer home decor.  


    Studio Takshak has participated in popups and they might be back in future as well. Do follow their Social Media pages for updates!

      Available Online