Bored Of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. illustrations? Hit Up This Graphic Designer For Offbeat Designs

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What Makes It Awesome

Chartered Accountant by day and a kick-ass graphic designer by night, Sweja Nithya Ramachandran sure knows how to keep herself and her audience entertained with her artwork. She is self-taught and has an eye for unique, off-beat designs. 

Stickers, wall-art in different sizes, greeting cards, postcards, notebooks and more- Sweja designs are a mix of Indian traditional art like Aathangudi as well as pop culture inspired ones. Apart from the usual F.R.I.E.N.D.S. themed designs, she makes Office and Brooklyn 99 themed ones too! And as we were skimming through her work, we realised there are no or very few brands in the city that covers these shows. Our favourite was the notebook with Cheddar (from Brooklyn 99) motifs and the pale green one with tropical leaves pattern.Her notebooks are hardbound and  are priced at INR 199. Her Chennai-themed poster also seemed pretty unique and had covered all our favourite things about the city- beaches, kolam, filter coffee and more. Joker fan? You gotta check out her Joker poster in A3 size. We promise you, that will be one of the best joker posters you will see.

Sweja is also open for customising designs. She can digitise human portraits (her wonder woman portrait of her best friend was unbelievably accurate), do calligraphy (names, thank you cards, greeting cards etc) and even create logos! She charges INR 1200 for a logo. Pretty budget, no?