Focus Your Energy And Train Your Body At This Taekwondo Academy In Nungambakkam

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What Makes It Awesome

Everybody it’s Kung-fu fighting! Except this time, it’s taekwondo baby! Yes Yes, we found this academy in Nungambakkam for all you martial arts fans. They are super serious about fitness and try to make the class as fun as possible. Along with focusing on the physical fitness of their students, they also pay an equal amount of attention to mental fitness. 

Launched by R.Ramesh, the Taekwondo Art Of Excellence Academy offers its services to all age groups from children to senior adults. The exercises and intensity of the workouts vary based on age group and gender. They have classes for women too, where they emphasise on self-defence and strength. 

The Taekwondo Art Of Excellence even offers courses for elderly women where the workouts are a mix of low-intensity taekwondo and tai-chi. The focus in these classes is primarily on breathing, balance and meditation. We hear the students find this very relaxing. 

This academy is fixated and passionate about the sport, and they believe that anyone can do it. The Taekwondo Art Of Excellence Academy offers special classes for the physically challenged as well! They have trained instructors who specifically work with this class to overcome their shortcomings and learn to defend themselves. Their students have praised the instructors and claim to have felt less stressed about their condition.


Do discuss any injuries or chronic pains with the instructor before the class.


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