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YAY! We Found Fun, Quirky Saree Prints In Chennai That Aren't Mass-Produced


Tashi Threads has some of the quirkiest prints on sarees and stoles, and the good news is that you and just four other women will be proud owners of it!

Happy Prints

Tashi Trends, a completely Instagram driven brand brings to Chennai saree designs that you’ve probably never seen before. With their price range being pretty affordable {INR 2,000 – INR 4,000}, their products are more like impulse buys that you won’t regret.

Founded by Smitha and Ashwini who were bored by seeing other women donning the same sarees and kurtas as them, they felt like prints on clothes were becoming so standard that there was nothing unique about them anymore. They decided to take matters into their own hands, travelled from city to city to find unique prints, and even designed their own prints and colours.

Quirk Factor

The result of their adventures is a quirky and classy collection of auto, cars, cycles, flamingo prints to name a few, on comfortable and offbeat fabrics like Manipuri silk and semi tussar silk. You can wear these to work, rock it at a family party or even a wedding. This holiday season, they are releasing new colours in the auto print, but they only produce a few pieces of each design {literally four to five}, so if you like a piece you really don’t have time to think, just click on “buy”, okay?

Their sarees and stoles have no age bar, 20 or 50, if you like something unique this is the brand you’ve got to follow. You can find their pieces {physically} at Tamara, T Nagar, apart from their social media handles.

Find them on Instagram here and Facebook here.