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Enter A New World Of Dream With Books From This Iconic, Road Side Store

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This 85 years old store has been running for generations selling second-hand books on a budget.

What Makes It Awesome

As you walk towards the Mylapore Club, you will see a roadside stretch of shelves stacked with second-hand books. Thatha Used Books store has been there, on the platform since the last 85 years. They sell second-hand books with generations of the family dedicating their lives to collecting the best of books with Julie being the current owner. Fiction, non-fiction, travel, educational, coaching papers, reference books and encyclopedias, this bookstore has a collection of the oldest to the newest of books. 

You can enter the store and search through the racks of dingy shelves. Who knows when you might just discover a gem! We even found an antique diary of a traveller laying around! If you want the past years SAT or GRE question papers, they are right in the front stacked over one another! They even have old issues of different national and international magazines. Their collection is ever increasing and people are always donating their bests to them. 

Thatha Bookstore also has a small cupboard in front of their store which is usually locked but hides some of the oldest memoirs collected. They will open it for if you ask them. The prices are almost half the MRP. You can buy a Jeffery Archer book for just INR 50. No matter how old, the smell of yellowing papers couldn't get better! 

What Could Be Better

They aren't registered on Google Maps, nor are they aware of the many books present with them. It is better if you go through the shelves yourself to get what you want.


Ask them to open the cupboard for you to check it out.