Get Only The Best For Your Baby With Branded Merch From This Store

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Need, wants and loads of cuteness, this store in Mylapore will fulfil all the shopping essentials for your baby.

What Makes It Awesome

As auspicious and exciting as it is when it comes to shopping for your baby, the headache comes as to where and what. The Babyshop in Mylapore is your one-stop destination! From diapers and cribs to clothes and blankets, the store has a number of options to choose from. They have collections from various international babycare brands such as Aomi, Owen, Maela and Avelit.

Spread across two storeys, The Babyshop has diapers, wipes, lotions, soaps, shampoos and other bath necessities on the first floor. To one side you will find options for strollers while to the other side, you will find a range of toys and games for your baby. There even have baby food makers, cutlery along with baby potty chairs. As you head up to the second floor, you will find collections of clothes with adorable shirts, shorts and dresses! There are polka-dotted socks and squeaky shoes as well. You can also find stacked blankets and pillows - blue, yellow, pink or patterned - it is up to you to choose.

The Babyshop also has gift hampers that you can buy. They have maternity support innerwear for mommys as well! While the price varies from brand to brand and product to product, you will find socks at just INR 100 and clothes starting INR 300. 


They currently have a 50% off sale on various products.