Surprise Your Kid With Funky Bags And Accessories From This Online Store

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What Makes It Awesome

Bags have a charm of their own, and The Kidokkio Store sells the funkiest of them online. School bags to clutches - they will make your kid's eyes' shine bright in delight with their stuff. Going through the options, we loved the variety that they had to offer. Their collections include school bags, clutches, pencil pouches, boxes, sling bags and even wallets. 

Imagine the bright smile on your child's face as he enters his new school carrying a Peppa The Pig school bag. They even come in different colours. There are even bags shaped like Minions and other themed ones like Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The Kidokkio Shop also has sequined bags in the shape of unicorns and mermaids. We loved the holographic mermaid tail that closes the bag! These sequins even change colours, and you can buy them starting at INR 600. They have trolley school bags and lunch box carriers as well. If your little kid is growing up to be a pretty teen, then you can buy bags with sassy quotes and transparent covers too. Or perhaps they did like ones with badges and Aztec prints?

The Kidokkio Store offers some adorably shaped sling bags as well. Some are shaped like Hotwheels while others come in pastel coloured cameras. For a second, we were confused if they were really bags! We also loved their sequined sling bags which come in holographic unicorns and badges. You can even go for the ones with fluffy kittens decorated on them. These make for great return gifts too! 

They have options for women as well. Go for an elegantly styled purse or cute tote bags. The choices are almost endless, and the trendiest! They will match your outfit to the T whether you are going for a party or having a casual day out.


Along with bags, they also sell themed umbrellas and cushions which also make for adorable gifting options. 


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