This Artist Sells Upcycled Home Decor Online, And We Love It!

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What Makes It Awesome

With the world falling apart, there are only a few of those who keep it going with their colourful hands-on artworks. Meet Vishnupriya who turns all the glass bottles and tin cans into a piece of art and boy, would we love to have one brighten up our home. The Palette is her online store where you can check out upcycled home decor and accessories, all crafted using découpage. 

The Palette mostly features recycled bottles which have been colourfully transformed. We found some with pastel pink roses and hibiscus decoupage along with coatings of gold and pink paints. We even found ones with patterns of vintage ships and their posters which had been sprayed with blues and reds. You can even get your bottle customised. Drop-in a request and Vishnupriya will decoupage your photo or your bae's picture with a clashing mixture of paints onto a bottle.

And fret not! Even though the designs are made with paper and tissues, they are polished to make them waterproof. You can even get these done on tin cans and use them as planters in your garden! The Palette store also makes wall hangings and trays. All you have to do is give your colour preference, and you can get trays painted thick with different gradients and cute tribal prints. Vishnupriya even does fluid art that you can check out on her page and perhaps get something personalised for yourself?