Gift A Customised Box Of Roses To Your Loved One From This Online Flower Boutique


They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, we say that a rose a day keeps your mom happy, who needs a doctor after that!? The Trillion Roses has launched its services in Chennai, so get out there and plant a smile on someones’ face with a rose. 

What Makes It Awesome

This online flower boutique has been spreading love across the country and has finally come to Chennai. Working only with roses, The Trillion Roses designs premium and classy flower boxes. Make bae blush on that special day with a cute message spelt with roses or plan that perfect proposal with a large box of roses and pop the question! 

The Trillion Roses mainly works with red, white and yellow roses while using gold-coated and black roses in their designs too. From their collection, we liked the chequered box in which roses of two colours are arranged in an alternate pattern to form checks. We liked their extravagant yet elegant white and gold rose bouquets too!

Make it a package by adding a cake or a bottle of champagne into the mix. The Trillion Roses orders cakes from Cake Corner in Anayavaram and Ajantha Bakeries around town. If you have a special gift to commemorate the occasion, all you have to do is drop it off with them in advance, and they will deliver it along with the bouquet. Their creations are priced between INR 1800 till INR 22000.


They also have a warranted infinity bouquet (INR 22000)  which includes imported roses that they promise will stay fresh for a year.