Palatial Mansions, Colourful Glasses, & Authentic Chettinadu Cuisine, What's Not To Like At This Boutique Hotel!


    Plan a trip to Karaikudi to experience authentic Chettinadu cuisine at the newly opened The Vaadhyar's Kitchen. 

    What Makes It Awesome

    When you say Karaikudi - the first few things that flash in front of you are massive mansions, athangudi tiles, gold merchants and the cuisine of course. What we forgot to mention is that Karaikudi also has several boutique hotels that have been restored. One of them being The Vaadhyar's House.

    A palatial mansion that has been taken over by Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels. The 150-year-old house is a grand mansion built with large windows, a huge verandah, colourful stained glass, almost reminding us of the house in the movie, Kandukonden Kandukonden. But why the name Vaadhyar's House (a teacher's house). Well, 80 years ago, the house was rented out to a series of teachers and that's how it got its name. Unfortunately, the house was in ruins a year ago, with a dilapidated roof and the glasses were all broken. But the restoration process has given the house a new lease of life.

    Currently, the mansion has two large shaded front and rear courtyards. The air-conditioned ground floor is used for casual seating. The rest of the mansion has been converted as a restaurant. Antique elements, Italian furniture, and contemporary lighting give the house an old-meets-new feel. As for the food, expect a Chettinadu thali that includes local cuisines like Chettinadu chicken and paya soup. There is also a Vaadhyar's wife's thali which is for the vegetarians. For something more international, try their pasta and sandwiches. The mansion is located at Kanadukathan, which is a one hour drive from Trichy airport and a two-hour drive from Madurai. The place is open for both lunch and dinner and a meal for two will cost INR 1,400.