Chennai Has Its Own Vegan Ice Cream Brand And Here’s The Scoop On What Makes It Awesome

What Makes It Awesome

Started only in January 2019, The Vegan Bowl is Chennai’s first-ever vegan ice cream brand, winning people over with its decadent ice cream jars. Run by a team of four Chennaites, Ramya, Pranav, Nithin and Anjana, The Vegan Bowl offers ice creams that are all made with plant-based milk and locally-sourced ingredients.

These creamy delights are served in glass jars with freshly baked cakes sitting at the bottom and dollops of ice cream filling up the rest of the jar. As for their menu, eight refreshing flavours are on offer ranging from The Berry Cute One (strawberry flavoured) and Quite A’Peeling  ( a combo of banana and chocolate flavoured treat) to Got That Coffeels and Beat The Blues (blueberry flavoured ice cream), all handcrafted in their home kitchen.

We tried their Chanberries that comes with fresh and slightly tangy cranberries and chocolate cake. Perfectly sweet and dense in flavour, this also packed a pleasant nutty flavour. Their Spikey Fine’Apple that comes with a vanilla sponge cake and fragrant pineapple ice cream also hit the spot, taking us to a world of tropical exotica. But if you’re a true-blue chocolate lover, we suggest you try their The Chocolate Therapy that comes with strawberry cake and indulgent chocolate ice cream.

The Vegan bowl also has litchee flavoured ice cream and are planning to add some seasonal flavours to the menu. They also take bulk orders for events. You can place orders through their Instagram page, and they will get them delivered to your doorstep. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy! Prices start from INR 160.