These Handmade, Eco-Friendly Candles Look Irresistible & Smell Awesome

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What Makes It Awesome

These handmade candles by Yours Fragrantly are so tempting, you’ll feel like taking a bite out of them. Just as appetizing as they are, these candles are also eco-friendly. 

The world is becoming more environment-conscious, and Chennai has also started on that path, especially after the state-wide plastic. Started by Srividhya just a year ago, Yours Fragrantly makes candles with soy and beeswax and we couldn’t be more thrilled! These candles also have essential oils and fragrances. Flavours include strawberry, orange & lemongrass, rose, sandalwood & cedar, jasmine, lavender, incense, and watermelon & lime. 

These candles are mostly jar candles but you can get them in smaller sizes and quantities. If you use scented candles regularly, check out Yours Fragrantly's hamper which comes with different flavours of scented candles. Pair these candles with your fave book or a cup of tea and cuddle up and let people guess what’s cookin’. The candles are priced from INR 400 and you can call to place orders. It takes a few days to deliver, so order in advance.

How Much Did It Cost

Under ₹500