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Find Your Sweet Affair With These Top Dessert Places That Are Delivering

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Stressed spelt backwards is desserts, and we could all use some no-stress time right now! Here are some dessert places that are delivering in Chennai. Check them out and find your peace in icecreams, cakes and waffles. See you on the sweeter side! However, do check with them again as these are subject to changes and be extra sure. 

Amadora Gourmet Ice Cream & Sorbet

It's Underbaked Chocolate Cake and ice cream and Zouk Cake have transported many of us to heaven, and now you can relish these at home, as this beloved dessert parlour is delivering via Swiggy, Zomato and Dunzo. An absolutely indulgent hot chocolate, signature ice cream flavours and Ice Cream Sandwich are on offer too. 

Know more about Amadora here. 

OCDEE (Oreo Compulsive Disorder)

Whether you’re reading, working or chilling, OCDEE cookies are perfect for your mid-day munching (actually any time of the day). Guess what? They are delivering across the city. They’ve got a wide range of chocolate dipped Oreos and truffles. You can even indulge in a combo box of assorted flavours including milk, white, strawberry and dark chocolate. It is also the perfect gift box for your loved ones who are far away yet close. Order and send them your love. 

Pantry D’or

This lovely cafe will surprise you when it comes to desserts. From bite-sized cheat desserts and cookies to decadent cakes, this place has it all. Their Panna Cotta and Creme Brulee are simply too good. 

Cream & Fudge

Sucker for ice creams? With flavours like Cookie Dough, Bubble Gum & French Vanilla, Cream & Fudge will put all your ice cream cravings to rest. They've got lots of interesting flavours and enticing toppings and a lot of curated combinations too that are out of the box. Order in and enjoy!

Coco Jaunt 1728

Sugar Rush all the way! Order away your favourite desserts and pastries from this cute little eatery. They have classic flavoured cakes that are definitely worth a try. Their Tres Leches cake is to die for! You can also sink your teeth in one of their Red Velvet Jars for an indulgent experience. 


Super fresh ice cream, and the choice to decide the base (dough, fudge, and more) - we truly love this place. And the fact that they deliver these ice creams in jars makes it perfect for ordering in. Choose from flavours like Smashed Mint and Lime Sorbet (if you like a little zing in your desserts), Salted Caramel Butterscotch (for a super creamy taste), Peanut Butter Cookie Dough and more, put on some Netflix, and you have the best combo ever to enjoy your time at home. 

Brownie Heaven

Craving that sugar rush you get from bingeing on brownies? Attend to it right away because you can. Brownie Heaven is home delivering and you can tuck into some seriously decadent and chunky brownies at home. We bet the simple chocolatey goodness will seriously calm you down and please your palate at the same time. It's a win-win. 

The Scoop Bar

They've got crepes, cold stone ice cream creations (a whole range of them right from fruit and nut-based to chocolate creations), churros, ice cream rolls, sundaes and so much more. Choose what pleases you and beat the heat with their creamy delights. 

Sweet Truth

Heavenly Brownies, melt in the mouth pastries, cake jars and ice creams - Sweet Truth has all of these on offer and you can place orders for them online. Their Chocolate Fudge Brownie tub is our fave! Take your pick and order in. 

London Bubble Co

Their Bubble Waffle Wraps are no doubt amazing but you can also try their waffwiches, pocket waffles and mini pancakes (all with flavours like Nutella, Oreo, Caramel and more. Order in and have an absolutely delectable snack time. 


Ice cream cakes or tubs you can eat straight out of - you take your pick. Either way, you're in for a treat as the flavours are simple, clean and will satisfy your dessert cravings. They've got classics like Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry along with American Nuts, Tender Coconut, Mocha Brownie Fudge and more. Pick up your phone and order. 


This iconic ice cream parlour has enough options for you to beat the heat during this lockdown period. Indulge in their fruity sundaes, cake-based ice creams or classic scoops while at home and chill.