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    This New Subscription Service Lets You Watch Unlimited Movies In Theatres For As Low As INR 349

    Sreepathy posted on 23 March


    Chennai folks, you’ve got more reasons to go to the theatres now as Unlimited lets you watch unlimited movies for just as low as INR 349 per month. Go grab them popcorns!

    Limitless Movie Time

    Finally, you got a solid reason to watch back-to-back movies without having to break the bank. Unlimited, a subscription-based service, will let all you cinephiles watch as many movies as you want in a month. And that too at a subscription plan that’s almost cheaper than the price of two movie tickets.

    How cheap is it? It’s actually INR 349 per month cheap. In simple terms, you can head to one of their partner theatres {currently SPI Cinemas only} and watch as many new releases as there are for that month. In case you still haven’t caught all of the latest Oscar-nominated movies yet, this is the perfect plan for you out there. We are thinking a The Shape of Water-Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri-Coco marathon.

    What's The Deal?

    The subscription-service works on a very simple process. You select your plan from either a one-month or five-month plan {if you are picking the five-month plan, you get an extra month free}. Once you have paid for the respective plan, it’s unlimited time. Simply use the partner theatre’s website or app service {in this case the SPI Cinemas website or app} to book your ticket. You will have to pay for the tickets yourself and you will be probably asking yourself, why should I pay for the ticket when I already have a subscription plan?

    Essentially, the subscription service works on a refund-mode for the unlimited plan. Once you arrive at the theatre, you have to share your live location on +91 90030 81111 via WhatsApp. This is an important step in getting your refund back and also as a confirmation as to you did, in fact, watch the movie. Post 48 hours and upon the partner theatre’s confirmation, the ticket charges that you paid for will be credited back to the SPI Cinemas wallet service. You will have to repeat the process on your next movie and so on. The only catch we hear is that you can’t watch the same movie twice, meaning if you watched Black Panther once using the subscription, the next time you will have to pay for it. But when you can watch Hindi, Tamil, English, Telugu, and Malayalam movies, why would you want to watch anything twice? As T’Challa says, this is Wakanda Forever!

    You can sign up for the subscription service and know more about it here.


    Currently, they are limiting the subscription to just 500 people owing to the fact that they just launched. Unlimited will be opening up the service to a wider audience in the coming weeks. Apart from Chennai, the service is also available in Coimbatore and Pondicherry.

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