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What Makes It Awesome

It’s easy to pick up a jar of honey off the shelf of a supermarket and expect it to be pure, but, most of it is often pasteurised and processed. Some products are even adulterated with jaggery or sugarcane. If that's not something you want to settle for, you must check out Wild Honey Hunters. This brand works with local tribes from South Indian forests who hand-pick the natural hives without killing or harming the native bees to harvest honey, which you can order online. 

So what's the honey like? Wild Honey Hunters harvests both multi-floral and monofloral honey depending upon the season. The taste and the colour of the honey depend on what flowers were in bloom during the harvesting period, so no two bottles are the same. The best part -  the honey is harvested upon receiving orders only. They don’t even heat or pasteurize it, but instead sundry it to reduce the moisture content and stop fermentation. This means you get to enjoy honey in its most natural form! How about that? 

You can take your pick from Moringa honey priced at INR 1100 (350 grams) or Kurunji Honey (one of the rarest honey) along with honey made with the nectar of Neem and Jamun flowers. That's not it! They even deliver single-hive honey (honey not mixed with extracts from other hives) and honeycombs too. No, really. You can literally bite into the comb and chew it till all the honey is squeezed out, and then spit out the leftover wax, like those ASMR videos. As natural as it can get! 


They also offer honey and milk soap, so don't forget to check that out.