Say No To Plastic And Bring Home Non-Toxic Wooden Kitchenware From This Auroville-Brand!



Get onto to the no-plastic bandwagon and replace all the plastic utensils at home with these cute, non-toxic wooden kitchenware from Worktree, an Auroville-based enterprise. 

What Makes It Awesome

Add a pinch of sustainability to your kitchen with a home range from Auroville-based Worktree. Started by Luk Gastmans, the idea for Worktree was born after cyclone Thane hit the coastal area had uprooted several trees in Auroville.

The idea came when Luk and his wife Shanthi started clearing all the wood. instead of throwing it to waste, they decided to make wooden toys for children. Soon, the idea grew and kitchenware was added to the list. Their kitchenware has everything from bowls, plates, mugs, chopsticks, sushi plates, mortar and pestle, pizza plates, cutting boards, coasters, and spatula. If you are on a give-up-plastic drive, do check out their absolutely adorable wooden combs that come in two sizes. 

All this made out of Acacia, an excellent timber tree, from well-managed, renewable local forests in Auroville. Worktree also wants to support the local forests, knowing that these are forests that are maintained by people who love nature and wood. The products have a clean finish that is naturally done using non-toxic oil. The products are budget and are priced from INR 150. Their products are available at La Boutique d'Auroville, at the Visitor's Center in Auroville, and Chez Nous in Pondicherry.