Teens, Shop 100% Organic Cotton Clothing At This Store On TTK Road

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Shopping for teens can be quite a task - what with all of them wanting to look like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. But hey, Zalza Teens on TTK Road has your back. They have clothes for teens aged between 13 and 18. All the clothes are made of organic cotton and will hug you like a teddy bear. But, do you know what actual cotton feels like? They have a counter with three different kinds of cotton balls - touch them to know what cotton feels like! 

Find camisoles, boxer shorts, T-shirts, nightwear, shirts, and skirts, starting INR 600 at this store. The decor of the store is great (they’ve got dim lighting and fluffy decorations everywhere. Cheesy, but we like it!) The nightwear selection is our favourite at this store as they have all-things-cute. Think penguin tees and checked old-school pyjamas.

Are you the 'kid' in your gang who is always looking for small-sized clothes? Zalsa Teens (though it is mainly for teens) also has small sized clothes so don't be shy to find clothes that fit you the best.