Choco Spoon Dipped In Hot Cocoa Or Trendy Rainbow Cake? This Café Is Your Ticket To Cheat Days

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What Makes It Awesome

Remember the sweet tribute to Thalaivar where ZUKA created a Rajnikanth statue made out of 600 kilos of chocolate last year? Well, ZUKA was the brains and hands behind that and while this year they decided to create a chocolate display of Charlie Chaplin, when it comes to chocolate these guys really do mean business.

We dropped by the small café (their first café was started in Pondicherry). They have a couple of tables and chairs and the ceiling is filled with butterflies (are they made of chocolate too? We wouldn’t be surprised). As soon as you enter there’s a display of all the incredible desserts on offer. We were eyeing the rainbow cake because it looked so magical! There’s also a wall of fame with hanging plates signed by legends like AR Rahman, MS Dhoni and even Thalaivar himself.

We had a look at the menu and we were dizzy with choices. So much chocolate, so little time. There’s the signature hot chocolate called 54 Degree Celsius Hot Chocolate, prepared with chocolate shaped cubes with chocolate flakes and low-calorie milk complete with a spoon made of chocolate! You can get this for INR 139. There’s also Dark ‘N’ Dense made using rich Madagascar hot chocolate and is supposedly not bitter.

We tried the Seven Wonder Rainbow — white chocolate mousse, vanilla mousse between soft, moist multi-coloured layers topped with sprinkles. We loved digging into this dessert and taking countless pictures for Instagram too. We tried Sauteed Chicken Pepperitos — grilled chicken in baked pepperito cups from the Quick Bites section which we think you can skip. The desserts here are way better.

There’s an array of sandwiches you can choose from called Zandwiches, and they have ones with chocolate fillings too, obviously. Next time, we’re thinking of trying Heaven On Earth — 70 percent dark chocolate truffle, chocolate glaze, brownie crumble and ice-cream. Sounds too sinful to be called Heaven On Earth, eh?