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5 Running Communities To Check Out For The Long Run

Vishal posted on 05 February

One of the oldest, and strongest, community activities is that of running. From the young and old, to the untrained or expert, running is for everyone. Every runner agrees that after a long run, that feeling of joy is unrivalled. It’s time to find your joy.

Lace up your running shoes and check out the five best running groups in NCR that anyone can join for free.

Delhi Runners Group {DRG}

DRG was started on a whim by three running buddies and has now grown into a group of over 2,500 people. DRG members include students, housewives, working professionals and all other forms of running enthusiasts.

For DRG, running is a passion. They are a platform for runners or likely runners to connect. The idea is for the running community to grow and for people to help one another on their respective fitness journeys. They have events every Sunday, and on national holidays they run five to 20 kilometres. This way, each person finds someone running the distance and pace they want and the entire exercise becomes more motivating.

Join the group on Facebook here.

Bonta Runners

Bonta, the last leg of the Aravali Range, popularly known as Kamla Nehru Ridge, is the perfect place to start your day. Sooth your strained muscles and find your own pace in these meandering trails, situated in North Campus. This group draws people from all walks of life, across all ages, and is growing by leaps and bounds.

They meet three times a week for running and fitness sessions. Plans are being made for the first Bonta trail-a-thon to be held on 14th February 2016- with over 400 enthusiastic runners.

Join the group on Facebook here.

Lets Run Gurgaon {LRG}

LRG is an effort to bring active running into the lives of Delhi NCR residents, where sedentary lifestyles run amok and fitness is not given a high priority in stressful work environments. They conduct endurance sporting events such as triathlons, duathlons, road running {from 5k runs to marathons}, mountain running, adventure racing, ultra-distance racing, and more.

The group hopes to make a difference in the world of endurance athletics and also change the lives of otherwise inactive people by engaging them in daily running and endurance activities.

Join the group on Facebook here.

West Delhi Runners {WDR}

Running doesn’t always come out of reason, but sometimes develops out of passion. It was this passion for running that made three friends come together and form a running group,West Delhi Runners, in 2012. It is now 1,500 members strong.

The group caters to the running community in Dwarka, Janakpuri, Vikaspuri and even as far as Paschim Vihar. Similar to the vast area the group operates in, they also cater to a vast spectrum of runners based on age, distance and pace. Some members of the group are new to running and others are ultra marathoners.

The group runs two to three times a week. Weekday runs are short, up to about 10 – 12 kms, whereas weekends are reserved for long runs, from 15 – 35 kms.

Join the group on Facebook here.

Indirapuram Runners {IPR}

IPR is based in Indirapuram, a prime residential hub near Delhi and Noida. They welcome runners irrespective of their speed or timings. Swarn Jayanti Park, a fabulous place to run a 1.5 km loop, serves as the perfect locale for the group’s runners to do their regular morning or evening runs.

In 2015, the group went one step ahead and organised the biggest community run of Delhi NCR, the ‘Spring Run’, which saw participation from more than 500 runners. The group also regularly conducts health and fitness sessions for the benefit of runners, including sessions on the health benefits of running, cross training, running gear and diet.

Join the group on Facebook here.