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Check Out Nutricrate’s Rare Raw Wild Honey Now!

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2021 is the year where we take our health and wellness as a priority and attempt to be the healthiest version of ourselves! One essential step towards that is substituting white sugar with honey to control sugar intake. This brand brings to us a very  consciously and Ethically sourced collection - some of the most exquisite honeys from around the country.

This Golden liquid is sourced from the remote jungles of  The Western Ghats, The Himalayas and the plantations in Aravallis among other locations. These regions are famous for their herbal plantations and flowers. Their honey is hand-harvested using conscious & natural methods that protect the bees and preserve the natural pollen, Vitamins, minerals and enzymes found in honey and that’s what makes it so good in taste.

What piqued our interest about this brand is that the flavour in the honey is not artificially added or via preservatives. Their honey is Raw, Unfiltered and Unpasteurized which helps to retain many of its nutritional properties. Raw honey appears cloudy or opaque mostly because of its high level of pollen content, which makes it high in medicinal value. 

Honey is a natural preservative and does not need additionally induced preservatives. Nutricrate honey comes directly from the hive while regular honey undergoes processing before being bottled. There are no added artificial flavour, sugars or colours. This honey also has a high tendency to crystallize due to the presence of natural glucose and fructose. Crystallization also shows the purity & raw nature of Honey.

  Sourced from the Natural Beehives in the deep jungles of “ The Western Ghats” Nutricrate’s wild honey is “THE REAL FOREST HONEY” and not a farmland beekeepers honey. My other top picks from their wide range of honey- Mudakathan and Smallbee or Kombu Honey.

Stirred in your green tea or drizzled on your toast or pancakes, these are healthy alternatives to sugar!

So Say goodbye to white sugar now and hit up Nutricrate’s rare collection of artisanal honey! Trust me, you will notice the difference as soon as you taste them.

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