Take A Bite Of Kunafa, A Classic Lebanese Dessert, At This Gurgaon Joint

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What Makes It Awesome

Kunafa is the gorgeous marriage of cheese and sweet with the aroma of orange blossoms.

But the one at Zizo is perfect because it's just the right kind of sweet and not excessively fragrant. It's light despite the cheese overload.

What Could Be Better?

A larger portion perhaps, because you can't have enough even after ten bites.

What's My Pro Tip

After all the dough and lamb it's hard to keep an appetite for dessert, so try not to over-order because dessert is a must here.

Anything Else

This is probably the finest kunafa in the city though I doubt it's even available elsewhere. If you haven't had it before then do try it especially if you like baked cheesecakes.