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Arty Shoes On: We’ve Found A Cool New Hangout In Bikaner House

Rene posted on 01 May

The decrepit-looking Bikaner House was once a sad bus terminal with an equally morose milk-selling kiosk but now, it’s a cultural and art hub that’s rivalling some of our favourite haunts like Habitat Centre and Alliance Francaise. It’s hard to put a finger on what’s making the place so appealing but we’re loving the pop of yellow and the ample greens. In fact, we’d say that the food and shopping are awesome toppings too.

Never Say No To Kashmiri Fare

If the lush lawns and art exhibitions aren’t really your cup of tea, we bet you can’t turn down the near heaven that’s gushtaba or the chaat with a twist. This Chor Bizzare outlet isn’t just a looker with its stained glass artifacts and four-poster bed turned into a dining table, it does some mean cocktails too.

Shop At Vayu And Treat Yourself

Vayu Design For Living, a pristine space that’s calm and sweet-smelling enough to be a posh, Parisian yoga centre, and well-kept like a heritage museum. Find everything handcrafted from furniture to clothes and even a section of books and artifacts that speaks to the well-heeled and the well-travelled.

The Events Here Are Mostly Amazing

From sassy fashion pop-ups to jazz gigs and art exhibitions to book launches, the events calendar here keeps throwing something interesting our way. Whether you’re in for the staid ones {think documentaries} or the handloom sales, you’ll find lots of like-minded folks here. The amphitheatre, guys, is really nice on breezy evenings. Keep track of the happenings by signing up for their newsletter or going on their FB page.

Pandara Road And Other Things Close By

If the film screening or gig has been a bit too hipster for you, you can always find your balance back by eating the most mainstream Dilli food aka dal makhni and butter chicken at Pandara Road’s oldies like Havemore. Or, if the weather permits, walk around India Gate lawns for the sake of nostalgia and ice cream. 

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