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This New-In-Town Restaurant Celebrates Awadhi Cuisine & The Genius Of Chef Imtiaz Qureshi

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As we walked into DLF Promenade’s latest, Namak Mandi, we saw the man himself – Chef Imtiaz Qureshi, synonymous with ITC hotels and the famed Dum Pukht – sitting at a table and we knew we were in for a culinary treat.

Man Versus Mandi

Ornate lettering on a white wall and impressive arches lead the way to Namak Mandi – this open layout, spacious restaurant is located on the second floor of the mall. Copper light fixtures, plush sofas, wooden tables and white jaali work… The decor at the restaurant is understated and the vibe is casual.

Run by chef Imtiaz Qureshi’s sons, Ahsan, Ashfaque and Irfan, along with a family friend, Mayank, the place pays tribute to the legacy of Dum Pukht while keeping things fresh and interesting.

The piece de resistance, though? Awadhi cuisine that takes patrons on a journey through Undivided India.

No Gimmicks Here

The beautiful menu boasts Awadhi kebabs, curries, aromatic biryani and an assortment of rotis, parathas and naans. We were floored by the Seekh Kabab Imtiazi, a lamb kebab that’s seasoned perfectly and packed with zaika. When here, make sure you get your hands on a plate of the Galawati Kabab that practically melts in your mouth and the Jhinga Dum Nisha, prawn kebas that are grilled to perfection. Pair these with Hazari Paratha for a match made in heaven.

The Gosht Nahari was absolutely spectacular but the star attraction, as expected, was the Dum Nacknavi. The aroma of saffron and cardamom wafting from the handi is a fitting prelude to the taste of this mutton biryani {with a spoon of raita everything falls into place perfectly}. If you’re dining with a big group, you need to order the Family Naan which is, as you may have guessed, massive, great for sharing and dipping into the buttery Mandi Ki Dal.

End your meal with the Narangi Kulfi, served in a fresh orange or sample the restaurant’s unique spin on Shahi Tukra {with a yummy blackberry reduction} and walk your way towards a food coma.

So, We're Saying...

A single visit does not do justice to Namak Mandi’s massive menu, but we have a feeling you’ll keep coming back to this one. Winner, winner, Namak Mandi dinner.