Jutti Do, Paise Lo: We Love To Flaunt Exquisite Juttis By These Labels


    Initially a prominent fashion footwear design in Punjab, Haryana, and  Rajasthan, juttis and mojris have spread their tentacles far and wide. Now, this traditional North Indian footwear is equally important to your outfits to complete a chic ethnic look as the right dupatta. So we'll tell you where to score the best of artisan juttis and mojris online. Make a note that all these brands are local, and have given a unique twist to all their creations. 

    Floral Juttis From Vareli Bafna Designs

    Vareli Bafna

    Available Online

    Based out of Deccan Gymkhana, Vareli Bafna Designs is a high-end Punjabi juttis and bag label. They are known to handcraft their designs from scratch. From pretty embellishments to handworks like embroidery, patchwork, etc, their juttis bear fancy designs fit for functions and parties. Our favourites include the floral, glass-plated Punjabi juttis with hand embroidery. Other collections include Up & Down and Love Cloud collection. They are available in gold, satin, sequinned textures and there is no dearth of colours to choose from.

    The range starts at INR 3,000. 

    Handcrafted Silk Juttis From Love For Juttis

    Love For Jutti

    Available on LBB

    Love For Juttis' collection oozes royalty thanks to their colour combinations and the top-notch embroidery is done by hand by skilled artisans. The designs are traditional but with a touch of contemporary. Made with real leather and silk, these juttis feel like magic on your feet. The designs that catch our eyes are the floral ones that are intricate, feminine, and classy. 

    The embellished designs start at INR 1,999. 

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    Sequined Juttis From Jutti-Holic

    Jutti Holic

    Available on LBB

    Ladies, if you love to sparkle anywhere you go, Jutti-Holic makes sure their creations help you do exactly that! We are going gaga over this brand's sequinned designs. Similarly, you can also opt for the two-toned ethnic pieces. They are versatile, comfortable yet so chic. We also love their embroidered mule mojris that is simply elegant. 

    The range starts at INR 999 only.

    Designer Juttis From Needledust


    Available Online

    Bollywood's favourite juttis, Needledust has designs that are both subtle and blingy so you can pick based on your mood for the day. This luxury label's juttis are handcrafted by skilled artisans and they're super lightweight. Got a wedding to go to? We love reaching for their juttis over heels because they look just as glam. 

    The range starts at INR 2,990.

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    Embroidered Juttis From The Ornate

    The Ornate

    Available on LBB

    The Ornate is one such fashion label that offers super pretty embroidered juttis. We love the easy patterns, gorgeous designs that we can totally rock outdoors. We love the mirrorwork juttis the most because they ooze comfort and style. Other than that, there are pearl embellished pieces, threadwork pieces and many more. 

    The range starts at INR 1,407.

    Jutties From Fizzy Goblet

    Fizzy Goblet

    Available Online

    If you like to be ethnic but still playful, Fizzy Goblet's quirky juttis are it for you. They're made using ethically sourced leather and they also have vegan leather options in case you'd rather wear those. The fit is nice and comfortable, too, 

    The range starts at INR 1,890.

    Mirror Work Juttis From Juttiesmaker

    Jutties Maker

    Available on LBB

    Based out of Dilli haat, Juttiesmaker is one of our LBB favourites for anything chic. With exquisite embroidery, best-quality fabric and embellishments, these mojaris are meticulously crafted and are priced reasonably. Check out the indigo pieces with mirror work. 

    The range starts at INR 650.

    Hand Painted Juttis From Khwabeeda


    Available on LBB

    Made with leather and totally hand painted, Khwabeeda's juttis are quirky, artistic and fun. Wearing a plain or basic outfit? These painted juttis can instantly add an element of colour and fun by literally just putting them on. We personally love the multicoloured ones the most since those would match with so many outfits.

    The range starts at 1,150.

    Vibrant Juttis From Ikkhu


    Available on LBB

    If you're on the hunt for bright and colourful juttis, Ikkhu should be your go-to. They've got juttis that embellished, embroidered and handcrafted in tons of colours and we love that they've got simpler options for daily wear and more elaborate designs for special occasions. 

    The range starts at 1,000.


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