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Next Time You're At Wangchuk's Ladakhi Kitchen, Try These Momo

Maanya posted on 18 August

First, they came to Supermart and quickly became one of Gurgaon’s favourite ahaatas. But when Wangchuk’s Ladakhi Kitchen shifted shop and opened on Golf Course Road, we wondered whether the warm bowls of thukpa would taste the same. They do.

The airy rooftop restaurant serves up delicious Tibetan and Ladakhi cuisine while you chug your theka-bought beer. The reason we keep coming back to Ladakhi, in addition to the chilled out vibes, is their interesting momo selection.

So, here are the three momo we suggest you munch on, while you sip on your whiskey in a plastic cup.


An open momo, stuffed with spicy sauces and protein of your choice {chicken, mutton or pork}, this is one of our favourites. However, before you get yourself a plate, here’s a word of caution – these are not for the faint-hearted.

Sumai momos are extra spicy, so maybe assess your mirchi-tolerance.

Rhe Chotse

Perfect for both cold, wintery days and grey, rainy ones, the Rhe Chotse is a steaming bowl of broth with mini momo and veggies. Comfort food at it’s best, we like to add just a dash of Ladakhi Kitchen’s homemade, fiery sauce for an extra kick.


Is that a spring roll? Or a momo? The Oroma combines two of our staple orders into one delicious delicacy. Rolled like a spring roll but with the familiarity of a momo, this dish isn’t spicy at all {yay!}.

It goes well with beer, wine or whatever else you happen to be drinking and we’d recommend calling for two plates.

If you’ve still got some space left, try the Ladakhi and Yarkandi momos as well. They’re both whole-wheat variants of the momo, but the Yarkandi ones are super-sized.


While most of their momo can be served deep-fried as well, we suggest you stick to the healthier, steamed versions. We’ve heard some complaints about the oil, and an upset stomach will definitely put a dampener on your week.

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